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15 Crazy Trail Cam Photos You'll Never See Coming

15 Crazy Trail Cam Photos You'll Never See Coming

We've all been there... checking your trail cam for some exciting moments when you see something you just can't believe!

Here are 15 times hunters were SHOCKED by what they saw on their cameras:


#1 - Night Chase in Progress


#2 - Am I in a Japanese horror film?

little girl stare down


#3 - Who knew we had flying squirrels??

My beautiful picture


#4 - Don't fear the reaper, what was he doing on the property?

fear the reaper


#5 - Now that's a Kodak Moment.

owl. Nothing to see here



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#6 - Oops, didn't see you there!

Don't mess with me racoon


#7 - Now we know how he really feels.

pooping on 4 wheeler


#8 - This ride share program I can get behind.

racoon riding hog


#9 - Can't believe it's real.

arrow in buck


#10 - Does a coyote poop in the woods?

My beautiful picture


#11 - I sure hope he's sleepwalking...

neighbor boy


#12 - He sure is dedicated. 

Racoon hanging from feeder


#13 - Hey! Get off my property!

skinny dip


#14 - What's wrong with this picture?



#15 - Welp, that's freaky...

the three little pigs..


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